The aim of this article is to assess the level of involvement of Romanian older persons in volunteer activities and lifelong learning, as well as the factors that restrict their participation. To respond to this objective, a survey among older persons (65 years and over) was conducted at national level. Our study reveals that Romanian older persons reported a very low participation rate in volunteer activities organized by different organizations and the main reason was the lack of information regarding the availability of such activities in the community where they live or the poor health status. Regarding the participation in volunteer activities people aged 75-84, men or respondents living in rural areas have the highest rates of participation. In case of older persons enrolled in lifelong learning courses, less than ten percent of respondents selected at least one course they attended over the last 12 months. Male respondents had a higher participation rate compared to women in healthy lifestyle courses. The results of our study highlight the need for appropriate medium and long-term policy measures in the field of active ageing.
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