The study aims to present the Mureș Valley through the castles, appealing to educational tourism. Educational tourism can be used as one of the tools to rediscover and appreciating the significance of cultural heritage in this aria. This paper used the study case method to analyse the current state of Mureș Valley castles. These castles and parks were documented, and interviews with some community members and the castle owners were conducted as part of the research process. A field trip that exemplifies these educational aspects is suggested by the current study. The main objectives of this trip are to promote rail tourism in Transylvania and Banat, to provide a more environmentally friendly travel option, and to increase understanding of the importance of the area's cultural landscape. There is not much research on educational tourism in Romania because it is a relatively new concept. Although there have been some studies on educational travel, the researcher was unable to find any studies that were solely focused on educational tourism. As a result, the trip might be both a non-formal and a formal kind of education. The unifying element between the two types of education might be the educational tour.
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