Adolescence is the age of transformation and spending most of the time in the education system, the wellbeing of the teenager is influenced by every experience had in this system: relationships with colleagues, teachers, the grades, what they learn in school. At the age of twelve there is a step which, once it’s taken, welcomes the child into an age of changes. This research investigates the relationship between burnout, school satisfaction, and life satisfaction as children and adolescents get older, an aspect which is not so talked about in literature. The participants in this study were 3460 students between 10 and 19 years old, of which 1751 were boys and 1709 were girls, and 67.6% were from urban environments and 32.4% were from rural environments. It was noticed that the burnout level grows progressively after the age of 12, which deteriorates the level of school satisfaction through a ‘bottom-up’ process, which causes its decrease. The level of Overall Life Satisfaction (OLS) also decreases with age, one of the reasons being the exhaustion caused by too many or too difficult school tasks.
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