The peer review process is a pivotal step in scientific publishing and the REd editorial board takes this process very seriously, complying with the reviewers’ decision. The aim of any reviewer is to provide authors with unbiased and constructive feedback, being aware of the importance of their work in the quality of the publishing process.

The peer review process of any manuscript submitted for publishing in the REd Journal takes under consideration six criteria:
Originality – only original articles that have not been previously published in another
publication are accepted. An author may submit for peer review papers presented at
scientific conferences, provided they have not been published as full text in the
conference proceedings.
Contribution to the scientific community – the journal accepts for publishing only
articles that help increase knowledge and report findings that are of interest for the
acadmic environment
● Following the standard structure of a scientific paper – submitted manuscripts
should be written in English and follow the main parts of an academic paper: title,
abstract, keywords, introduction, literature review, methodology, results and
discussion, conclusion, bibliography.
Text clarity and argumentation logic – the article should be clearly written,
grammatically correct and easy to read. The author should use an academic
language, appropriate for the subject area, which also facilitates the text to be easily
understood and read. The purpose of any article is to be useful for the academic
community, by generating knowledge, as well as at least one stakeholder in the
respective subject area. The authors have to ensure that their findings are
understood both by the members of the academia and the industry decision-makers
or the representatives of the respective area.
● Writing correctness in English language – the article will be written in English
language. The text should be grammatically correct and easy to read, avoiding
complex phrase constructs that may lead to interpretations.
● Appropriate research documentation – the article must be rigorously documented
from scientifically validated and up-to-date sources. All sources included in the text
must also be listed in the Bibliography section, observing the citation style of REd

Notes regarding the peer review process:
The peer review process is responsible for the quality of the published works in a scientific publication and filters the manuscripts to enrich academic knowledge. Thus, we kindly ask you to take this activity seriously and allocate sufficient time for the review process. The reviewer’s feedback is very important for the authors, so please provide constructive advice, make direct references to the text avoiding general observations and make sure that your review report and comments are easy to understand by the authors.

The activity of article peer review involves the following three steps:
1. Filling in the peer review report
2. Inserting comments directly in the manuscript by using “Track Changes”
3.Submitting the two documents to the editorial board (peer review report and
manuscript with the reviewer’s comments)