Quality education gains more and more interest from the recent researchers who attempt finding innovative solutions to create a real connection education – skills – employability. Quality education may seem undefined in the research area, but it is integrated in frameworks and guidelines in order to be evaluated by local, regional, or national authorities. As defining quality education in the current context is a global desideratum stated by the Sustainable Development Goals, the present research attempts outlining priority perspectives in illustrating the concept of `quality education` through a bibliometric analysis performed by the application VOSviewer 1.6.18. The study reveals the insights of a bibliographic research within Web of Science resulting in 477 documents that encountered all the relevant criteria. The data was analysed using the application VOSviewer and the study consists of analysing the keywords co-occurrence within the recent international literature. Results draw priority perspectives in defining the quality education in current context. Comparing the results with the present standards of quality education, content gaps may be revealed. Further studies should define new quality education standards in order to recreate an educational quality system able to strengthen the connection education – skills – employability in a dynamic global society.
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