The fast pace of change, has generated a new format of education, adjusted to the new realities and the online regime. In this context, we set out to investigate the professional training of university students and to discover new ways of completing higher education degrees. In order to better understand the specifics of online education, we asked students (N = 334) from the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest to express their opinion on the importance of the skills acquired from university for their professional career and individual study methods that can improve and complete university studies. During the research, we applied a questionnaire and conducted interviews with students, in the period of time spanning from March to June 2021. Our analysis led us to the following finding: in the context of online learning, students must, on the one hand, have access to high quality university education, relevant to life, social integration and their affirmation on the labor market, and on the other hand, to and discover their potential and professional niche, which should be developed through individual study.
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